supervision of asphalting of buraida main roads Project

GTC’s role this project is overseeing the asphalt by Sultana Road in Buraidah city. The value of project is about 6 million saudi Riyal .The Owner of this project is Qassim Municipality - Agency and reconstruction projects .


king Faisal University Project

King Faisal City University Project during the period 2009-2010 the Total area of it 4 million and 500 thousand meters and thevalueoftotal 2.160 billion Riyals. GTC’s role was stress tests of concrete .




Road Maintenance Project

The project belong to Holy City Municipality with value about 8.000.000 SR for a period of three Georgian years from 20/10/2010.

It’s aimed to provide consulting services to the Holy City Municipality and supervising on companies that implementing/working in the maintenance of roads, which is about 8 companies at a total cost of maintenance contracts estimated about 600 million Saudi Riyal spread over 36 projects with various subsidary municipalities of the Holy City.



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