Non-Destructive Test

As a result of the growing need for of area market for the NDT services, and recognizing that fact, GTC has been always endeavoring to thrust into this market through its widest gates.

Since its inception, GTC has been offering on-shore and off-shore Non-Destructive Test and Inspection Services in accordance with the existing codes and specification such as ASME, ANSI, API, AWS, ASTM, etc. In this field, GTC has a very highly-trained and fully-experienced team.

Moreover, GTC Non-Destructive Testing is a full service inspection company providing both field and laboratory inspection services. Our services include a full range of NDT methods, Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions, and physical testing.

GTC NDT capabilities include Ultrasonic (contact, immersion), Radiography (X-ray, Gamma Ray, Film & Real-Time, Computed Radiography), Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant testing (Wet/Dry, Fluorescent, Visible), Ground Penetrating Radar, ddy Current (flaw detection, material sorting), Positive Material Identification (XRF), and Coating and Insulation Inspection.

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